Edouard Boubat Collioure 1954 Expo Byblos Bank 2016

« Mediterraneo »

Par Edouard Boubat

Du 22 Janvier, 2016
Au 10 Février, 2016

Crossing the Strait of Gibraltar for the first time in 1951, the young Edouard Boubat (1923-1999) had a revelation: the Mediterranean was for him the place of all origins. It was there that he experienced, beneath the blazing summer sun, the inviolate presence of the gods. His memory is filled, too, with all the great travellers who crossed its shores, as he did for years, filing his many reports, particularly for the magazine “Réalités“. However, there is nothing archaeological about Boubat’s Mediterranean space. It is infinitely alive, populated , even in the post-war period, by figures and scenes that seem very distant to us now. Is is here that the term “humanist photography” seems particularly appropriate: largely indifferent to the majesty of the elements themselves, Boubat’s scintillating vision is only fully articulated by “animated” lands, for whom men and women, walking, loving and dreaming, give life its fullest expression. For him, the sea and the sky have no time for passing fancies, capturing the youthful beauties of yesteryear to confer upon them a kind of eternity with Homerian or Hesiodian overtones. What is the secret of this alchemy? An incomparable light, whose interplay and presence the photographer relentlessly pursues.

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Du 22 Janvier, 2016
Au 10 Février, 2016

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