LEVY Volubile

Video Collection of the European House of Photography, Paris

From 23 January, 2015
To 11 February, 2015

Today, video has become an indispensable medium in contemporary art. Many photographers have found in it a new area of inquiry and expression allowing them to renew their art. Since 2000, the European House of Photography has undertaken to develop a video collection in addition to its extensive collection of photographs.

Today this collection contains about sixty short videos produced by international artists .

Jean- Luc Monterosso
Director of the MEP

Works by
Adel Abdessemed – Alain Fleischer – Miller Levy – Chris Quanta

Adel Abdessemed
My mother’s pains 2005

This Algerian artist, painter sculptor, photographer and video-artist has assembled 115 drawings in colour felt pen to draw the contours of a woman’s silhouette from a standing position to a praying one. In a very simple manner he unveils an ancient ritual of prayer during which the carpet of his mother seems to change into a flying carpet.

Miller Levy
Volatile, 2004

« On a piece of white paper, a hand draws a multi-tangled line. In a perilous series of forms, this scribble reveals the mysterious link which is afoot : the presence of a vanishing point » declares the artist

Chris Quanta
A clean sweep on Impressionism 2012

Director, script writer, editor, sound editor and editor of experimental films Chris Quanta says : « There are as many images in words than words in images, the play on words then becomes, without a word, a play on images »

Alain Fleischer
The man in sheets, 2003

Novel writer, photographer, artist, essay writer and film maker, Alain Fleischer goes back to themes which haunt him – absence, the passage of time, the body, imprints, metamorphosis  - by filming the shadows which appear seemingly spontaneously on his bed. When the light enters the bedroom through the window, it creates across the white sheets, ephemeral profiles of men.


Jisr El Wati near the Beirut Art Center


From 23 January, 2015
To 11 February, 2015

2:00pm - 7:00pm

Closed on Sundays.