Arslane Bestaoui, Femme sur la terrasse commune Sidi El Houari, Oran Algérie 2013 (1)

“The Women Of Sidi El Houari”

By Arslane Bestaoui

From 23 January, 2015
To 11 February, 2015

Sidi el Houari: first district of Oran, Algeria, in the north-west part of the city opening to the sea. It is the oldest district of the city and is considered as a symbol of the passage of several civilizations: Arabic, Turkish, Spanish and French, which have marked the history of Algeria. It includes several listed sites and monuments and is decaying. This popular district has sunk into oblivion, just as its inhabitants who are never talked about, especially the single women, the housewives, the widows, and their children. They live in poverty in dire conditions, and they do their best to ensure a better future for their children. They work long hours, they receive little affection, but they experience feminine solidarity. They do not complain, they take up the challenges with courage in a young country where employment is scarce. Arslane Bestaoui was born in Tlemcen, in the south-western region of Algeria, near the Moroccan border, the former capital of the greater Maghreb. A keen visitor of the Institut Français, he decided to become a photographer and was awarded the World Press Photo grant for the Maghreb that enabled him to do this reportage.


Jisr El Wati near the Beirut Art Center


From 23 January, 2015
To 11 February, 2015

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