Alessandro Puccinelli Plastic Bottle

« I Have Crossed the Seven Seas »

By Alessandro Puccinelli

From 21 January, 2016
To 10 February, 2016

The work of Alessandro Puccinelli can, without a doubt, be classified as political.Deeply shocked to learn of the extent to which our oceans are being polluted by non-degradable plastic waste, he decided to put his expertise as an infomercial photographer to work to on visual and artistic awareness-raising of the issue. Having collected flotsam and jetsam he has found washed up along the coast, he stages and photographs these found objects as if they were luxury goods. The black background, conveying notions of both opulence and morbidity, and the perfectly positioned lighting, serve to magnify the empty bottle, the punctured balloon, the abandoned toy. “I have glamorised these objects, like wounded soldiers returning from war, battered and bruised”, says the photographer. “I have idealized their wounds and have given them the aura of having survived storms, wind, rain, sun and salt.” But this is not just about conferring glory upon unloved objects but drawing the public’s attention to this iconic paradox.

The most paradoxical point being that in these studio-produced images, we never get so much as a glimpse of the sea! And it is this which fascinates Puccinelli. Having nurtured a  deep love of seascapes since his adolescence, he often even chose to leave his native Tuscany to enjoy the beauties of the Portuguese coast. He wants his “Crossing of the Seven Seas” to look like an artistic campaign, inviting viewers to act themselves for the good of our singularly endangered “blue planet”.


Beirut Exhibition Center (BEC)


From 21 January, 2016
To 10 February, 2016

11:00am - 8:00pm