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« Free doors to Spain : Gibraltar »

By Arno Brignon

From 23 January, 2016
To 10 February, 2016

Is Gibraltar really the open gateway to Europe that we imagine? The British colony of the Pillars of Hercules encompasses all paradoxes, with its phantom businesses, its disproportionate income, and its drudge workers, all on a tiny rock. This paradox has captured the imagination of Arno Brignon. Born in 1976 in Toulouse, he is a photographer with a strong affinity for confused territories, these urban places in which the sovereign city of the classical era dissolves. His work on Gibraltar is of a piece with other improbable outgrowths of Spain: Ceuta on the other side of the sea and Pas de la Casa on the Andorran border. He records its days and nights through impressions and photographic insights without trying to build an overarching narrative, through a series of fluid and peculiarly evocative images.


Institut français du Liban, Espace des Lettres
Damascus Street


From 23 January, 2016
To 10 February, 2016

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