Hellenic Naval Academy , Grece


By Paolo Verzone

From 22 January, 2015
To 11 February, 2015

Paolo Verzone’s passion for the European identity motivated his major works – “Seeeuropeans” – an extended series of portraits shot on different European beaches between 2009 and 2013. Then Paolo Verzone travelled all over Europe to take portraits of young officer cadets from the largest military academies of the “old continent”, who form the military elite of their countries and who have agreed – an exceptional feat – to open their doors to the photographer of the VU’ agency. In most of these academies tradition and discipline prevail, as do aristocratic values and in some rare cases a laid-back attitude. In each of these institutions, Paolo Verzone takes a wicked albeit respectful view of the cadets photographed in symbolic sites they themselves selected. In the ballroom or on the parade ground, in the main courtyard or on quays facing the sea, the poses are rather tense, stiff, ill at ease, but always proud. Numerous cadets chose to pose before the portraits of glorious predecessors or of their monarchs, such as the British and the Spanish cadets, other did not hesitate to take position before the symbols of the history of their country: Emperor Franz Joseph for an Austrian cadet, a formidable steel cross for a future officer of the German navy. The cadets of the Polish naval academy opted for a more “warrior-like” environment: shells or models of submarines. The Danish cadets, more laid back and donning everyday battledress, stand with their hands in their pockets.


SV Gallery
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From 22 January, 2015
To 11 February, 2015

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