« Bogota »

By Elsie Haddad

From 22 January, 2016
To 10 February, 2016

The images in the ” Bogota ” collection were taken in 2013 in the Hotel Bogota, situated near the Kurfurstendam in Berlin. Built in 1911, the building was originally a domestic residence. In the 1920s, it was home to a number of famous artists. It was later commandeered by, the Nazis for use as the party’s Cultural Office. After the Second World War, it changed hands between first Russian and then British proprietors. In the 1950s, bought by one of its former owners who had fled the war in Latin America, it became the Bogota Hotel. In 1964 the Rissmann family bought the hotel, giving it a unique 1930s décor which paid tribute to many artists of the time. This included Simon Yva, a pioneering fashion photographer, and  his teacher Helmut Newton, himself a regular guest at this hotel, which he in fact photographed on many occasions.

By 2013, the Bogota Hotel was about to be bought to be transformed into an office building. It was at this precise moment that Elsie Haddad decided to photograph it. She walks down its corridors, into the rooms, passing the walls on which still hang some paintings and period photographs. Suffused by dreams of encounters and artistic reminiscences of the 1930s, she nostalgically captures the hotel’s last moments, a few fleeting images before the inexorable march of time sweeps it onwards.


Le Gray Hotel
Martyrs' Square


From 22 January, 2016
To 10 February, 2016

9:00am - 10:00pm