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« Beirut Street Photography »

By Karim Sakr

From 23 January, 2016
To 10 February, 2016

Nothing in Karim Sakr’s early career could have predicted his later success as an exhibited photographer and his winning of the Photomed Beirut Prize in 2015. An engineer by profession, he took a radical new view of Beirut city when in 2011 he joined the Lebanese capital’s community of “street photographers”. It was then that discovered “a cultural crossroads three minutes from my front door,” and decided to create his own affectionate and amused visual chronicle of it. Amidst the many, often violent, major changes that the city is undergoing, Karim Sakr wishes to create a memory and to document an art d’être in the world. Colours, flavours, shapes: his is a vibrant Lebanon, and one entirely devoid of the often disparaging connotations of the word, and one which he exquisitely and fleetingly captures.


Station, near Beirut Art Center
Jisr El Wati


From 23 January, 2016
To 10 February, 2016

12:00pm - 7:00pm

Closed on Sundays