“Beirut In Motion”

By Collection of Photos from the Ministry of Tourism in Lebanon

From 22 January, 2015
To 11 February, 2015

Beirut in Motion

There’s no need to highlight Beirut from 1950s to the 1970s – the city speaks for itself. Beirut was distinguished among neighbouring cities and countries because by that time it had founded universities, hospitals, schools and seen major developments in technology and modern architecture by local engineers and architects which were reflected in new buildings, new materials, techniques and design concepts. Cultural efficiency and economic prosperity went hand in hand. What made the city stand out most of all was its people. The joy of living had a great impact on the general atmosphere of the city with its seashores, bright sun and glamourous nightlife. Beirut’s inhabitants enriched the city simply by living there. During these golden years mixing East and West, Beirut’s culture expanded and attracted tourists from all over the world. Sparkling and shining, from a small and calm town, Beirut became a city totally in the spotlight, its Mediterranean atmosphere enchanting all who flocked there. At a crossroads between the Arab and European worlds, Western powers focussed on this coastal city where it was possible to resource natural wealth and reach local markets through the port. The boom in the oil industry and expansion in the Far East in areas such as the silk industry provided a new local niche for the global economy. But what distinguished Beirut from other cities was its soul. Walking down the streets of Beirut, its people mingling and laughing, shedding tears or giving away endless smiles, their gracious movements filling the squares and parks made the city accessible to all. It’s that spirit which has remained throughout the years and defied time. The city of Beirut was rebuilt day by day by the souls of the people, it can never be totally demolished. A city for all tastes, be it for business or pleasure, investment or commerce, beauty and wealth were uppermost – a dream come true in one place : Beirut The Ministry of Tourism wanted to share all of these emotions with those who knew Beirut in those golden years or had simply heard about it. This exhibition « Beirut in Motion » from the photography archives of the Ministry of Tourism is a tribute to the collective memory of a city which never ceases to intrigue and fascinate.

Nada Sardouk, general director of the Minstry of Tourism, Lebanon


Hotel Le Gray
Martyr’s Square, Beirut Central District


From 22 January, 2015
To 11 February, 2015

9:30am - 10:00pm