Serge Najjar, Road To Sky

“Abstract Realities”

By Serge Najjar

From 23 January, 2015
To 11 February, 2015

“An unexpected passion for photography arose in my life three years ago, where my interest grew for architecture; that created by Man, the other drawn through lines and light. Living in Beirut raises challenges and suspicions. A constant concern is reassuring the inhabitant that I am neither a terrorist nor a spy, meaning no harm. I have to act efficiently and manage with what is present on sight by trying, when possible, to incorporate the human presence in my pictures. This “duel” and the complicity between Man and architecture is interesting because a human being in a picture brings at the same time warmth and scale to the architecture. This gives, in its turn, an abstract dimension to Man. My aim in photography is to get as close as I can to abstraction. To draw with my camera the way we draw with a brush; seeing objects the way I want them to appear and not the way they actually are. I try to recompose, restructure what I see; my eye constructs reality by transforming it. I grew up with the privilege of being able to read auction catalogues and books on modern and contemporary art. I was never really interested in photography until one day I found myself signed up for a photography class without my prior knowledge. I always try to create with what lies before my eyes”.

Serge Najjar


Jisr El Wati near the Beirut Art Center


From 23 January, 2015
To 11 February, 2015

2:00pm - 7:00pm

Closed on Sundays.